This video art piece is a music visualization and my personal homage to punk aesthetic. 1977 was the year I was born, but also it was the year when “officially” punk movement exploded. So, when I was asked to make a video about the 70’s aesthetic, I decided to create explore punk’s iconic style. Not to recreate its aesthetic but to visualize the foot-print that it left on me somehow. My idea was to create a kind of current vision of punk, but distorted through the passage of time, like if we would be seeing the echoes of a culture that (indeed) never died.
For this project I counted with the collaboration of the sound design studio Sonic Bat (aka XZICD). I Requested him to create something inspired by punk. And later on I used his composition not only as inspiration, but also like a trigger for certain audio-reactive components of this video.
The video was premiered October 31, 2015 at Glitch – VJ Art Pop Up Exhibition at Bau Bau – Gallery For Comtemporary Art Leipzig – Germany.
Date:  31 October, 2015
Skills:  Art, Visual Music
Project URL:  www.behance.net - 77
77 by Geso | Music Visualization / Visual Music / Video Art