Video filmed in Koh Chang – Thailand, using a GoPro HD Hero, a Sony DSC-T3 [broken] and a Sony DSC-TX1.

Music: It Goes On Without You from the album ‘Nautical Clamor‘ by Tropics.
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Certain things can not be lost, they can not be ruined, they can not be sold nor be stolen. Certain places are portable paradises, small from the outside as a gemstone and infinite when you let your eye to penetrate them. Certain feelings can not be caged in words, they are like the colors of a synesthesia in a summer dawn. Unique, indescribable, kaleidoscopic, intangible, eternal … moments. Why it is worth moving forward.

Date:  8 March, 2012
Skills:  Music Videos
Client:  Tropics
Tropics by Geso | Video / Music Video / Video Art / Videoclip