Also known as Pablo IA (Pablo Iglesias Algora, Madrid 1977) is an active creative mind involved in different art and design fields. Geso is the moniker he uses for his most personal and actual work, specially focused in visual music, art installations and art direction for music projects. His works usually dig in different concepts such as the perception of light and its physicality, the paradoxes defining our knowledge of reality, freedom and self-being, or the perfection within errors and glitches, to name a few.

He also works as graphic designer and art director for GeeOhDee studio, and in the past was publisher and curator for Belio, an art publishing house and organization who ran exhibitions, concerts, festivals, conferences and workshops. He is also part of several audiovisual projects like Dot Product and 0(Hz)Osc, where he collaborates with musicians and sound designers.

Among a long list of visual performances and collaborations, he recently presented a new AV show in collaboration with Exhausted Modern at Lunchmeat Festival (October, 2020), premiered Dot Product’s “TV/AV” video at Seeing Sound Festival (December, 2020), and showcased his latest video art piece “Of Truth We Know Nothing at FIBER Festival (September, 2020). His work has been widely shown at galleries, festivals and exhibitions such as Berlin Atonal, Adobe Creative Cloud Launch Event, L.E.V. Matadero Festival, File Hipersonica, EMAF – European Media Art Festival, Krake Festival, Berlin Art Week, Piano Day, Teorema Festival, Maschinenfest, Applied Sound Arts, CutOut Fest, etc.


I am a visual artist working between Berlin and Madrid, but not only. If you have a project and need advice or a quote regarding art direction, video, live visuals, graphic design, etc. Feel free to contact me and arrange a meeting.

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Geso / Pablo IA
Geso / God Is A Glitch - art direction

If you think big, I offer you it all: from scratch to its fullest potential, I take care of your image, all formats, every visual communication will be designed and set up to spread the message out loud.

Geso / God Is A Glitch - video edition

A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore a sequence of pictures is… Priceless! Video, motion graphics and audio-reactive animations are the next level and my favorite media in communication.

Geso / God Is A Glitch - live performance

Creating visuals in the spot is like magic, a wormhole time-experience for both, the creator and the viewer. Art installations, live visuals, interactive combined disciplines… You name it!

Geso / God Is A Glitch - art curation

My visual universe is inspired by a daily basis feed of art, music and culture. If you need content, I know the works, the artists and I have a long experience developing and curating all kinds of shows.

GESO | Pablo Iglesias Algora – Bio / Contact