3D Artworks MMXX

Over the last year I have been investing time in developing my skills in 3D, through working in this series of 3D Art Experiments. Personal exercises that allow me to learn and develop new ways of creating visual narratives, an experience that later on I applied to my commercial work.

Most of these 3D artworks haven’t been used commercially, so they are still available for different purposes. Might they become a cover for a vinyl, a poster, or just an art print to hang in your wall, feel free to contact me and ask for a quote. Of course, I’m also open for commissioned projects involving 3D art and graphics, as well as 3D animations, music videos, etc.

As an artist, I find quite important to keep my mind busy, but specially excited about new ideas. My creativity nourish from that excitement, so that’s why I need to keep myself constantly learning new tools and skills. I have been always interested in 3D art but for many years I have only tap into the surface, 2020 has offered me the time to go deeper into learning how to illuminate, texture and create atmospheres in order to generate a new stream of work.

Date:  31 December, 2020
Skills:  3D, Art
3D Art Experiments 2020 by Geso | 3D Artworks & Graphics