Official music video for ’20th Century Bitch’. Taken from Larhythmix‘s new album released on Equal Eyes Records on August 30, 2019. Video directed by Geso.

The video is a wild car-crash 3D fantasy made while experimenting with C4D and VDMX. I liked the irreverent but fun approach with the sample of 20th Century Fox intro at the beginning of the song. So I deciced to let myself be inspired by that mood in order to make this official music video. Thinking about the Pop-Culture, USA-mass culture, I went a step further sampling brands, cars, etc. And instead trying to make a realistic 3D car-crash, I wanted to surprise the viewer with something else equally ironic and fun.

Date:  30 August, 2019
Skills:  3D, Commercial, Music Videos
Client:  Equal Eyes Records / Larhythmix
Larhythmix - 20th Century Bitch [Official music video] by Geso