The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture is a three channel video art installation, designed for three vertical screens. The first two parts of the series were premiered at Automaton: The Lab 2 on June 2022 at Wasserspeicher, Berlin. While the third part was created and presented as a site specific installation at ‘Farewell’, an event curated by Waxing Phases for Treptow Ateliers in Berlin, on July 22nd, 2022.

This series is centered in the analysis of knowledge, and how truth is affected by the concealed information. In every conflict there is always more than two sides of the story, in fact there is multiple fragmented pieces of reality. No one is in possession of the whole truth, but just a vision from their own point of view. In order to see a bigger picture we need to go around, changing our position and our perspective. And still the illuminated truth won’t be displayed free of all the debris. Sometimes what we see is just a distorted reflection, some other times we can only see through the cracks of this world and try to make sense of the scene in front of us.

While The Bigger Picture I uses a 3D scan from the ‘Rossbändiger’ at Maria-Theresia-Platz in Vienna to represent the struggle of mankind to dominate nature (a wild horse). The second chapter was conceived to address the duality between those who believe or disbelieve on the climate crisis, questioning if those holding the world want to save it or just hold on to it for their own salvation. For that I used the ‘Gigantentruppe’ located at Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin. The last chapter features the sculpture ‘Babylon’s Fall’ (La chute de Babylone, 1884, Joseph Ducaju), to comment on the feeling of a society that reaches its peak and is falling apart, connected with the obsolescence of technology, the virtualization of culture and the loss of ancient knowledge.

The sound design for each of the video art installation was created by XZICD / Sonic Bat.

Date:  22 July, 2022
Skills:  3D, Art, Art Installations
The Bigger Picture | Video Art Installation by Geso