Music visualization of XZICD latest album published on Detroit Underground. When I was asked about the possibility of visualizing a whole album, I was fascinated by the idea of a real life moving background that will be synced with the music. So I decided to approach this collection of videos by experimenting and playing around with audio-sync compositions displayed in a broken TV set and re-scanned with electronic trash, different filters, liquids and objects.

ɅVΟѺΟVɅ sees XZICD exploring humanity’s need to fuse the biological and technological nature of our modern existence, translated into music aimed at creating anxiety inducing experiences, encapsulated in hyperbaric chambers filled to the brim with cold, dystopian ambiences.

Heavily inspired by transhumanistic ideas, ɅVΟѺΟVɅ was achieved by utilizing ultra-precise percussion work running through euclidean and odd geometry shaped sequencers, while melodies and harmonies were mostly driven by probabilistic AI programs. Ironically, the outcome ended up sounding more human than anticipated, while still retaining a certain alien quality to it. Some of these compositions were later transferred to hardware, where the precise nature of their internal sequencers created unexpected mechanical results, contrasting with the organic nature of certain tracks, bringing the concept of the album full circle. 

Music living in the ecotone of two very distinct and relentlessly ever-changing worlds, ɅVΟѺΟVɅ is the fractalized outcome of that clash.

Date:  30 July, 2020
Skills:  Commercial, Music Videos, Visual Music
XZICD – ɅVΟѺΟVɅ | Music Visualization by Geso