3D Lettering & Logos

The following projects of 3D lettering, logos and animations are the logic consequence of putting together two of my visual skills. On one side my explorations of 3D tools and on the other side my background as professional graphic designer.

I always enjoyed creating logos and icons for brands and personal projects. I consider it one of the finest exercises in visual communication, as it combines notions of symbolism, calligraphy, letter design, identity design, etc. Specially nowadays that borders between logo design, lettering and typography are so blurred. Somehow is an exploration of minimalism, vector design = black and white. And adding 3D to the equation offers a lot of possibilities for experimentation.

The 3D lettering and logo works here compiled explore the limits of this discipline. Sometimes becoming pure ornamental and decorative, nearly abstract, like in the first examples created for 11v151131_m06. Some others have a more classic conception, like the logo + icon for Magic Knots but allowed me to explore animation as part of the presentation of a brand. And last but not least the use of the 3D lettering as source to create mere artworks and scenes, like the examples with the logo of Geso. Endless possibilities…

Date:  31 December, 2021
Skills:  3D, Commercial, Graphic Design
3D Lettering & Logos