3D Artworks MMXXI

Here you have a compilation of some of my personal 3D artworks. In 2020 I decided to swift my visual work into 3D art experiments, I published the results in my portfolio and in my Instagram account, and in 2021 I kept exploring this new path in my career, learning in the process and developing my skills as visual artist.

Most of these 3D artworks haven’t been used commercially, so they are still available for different purposes. Might they become a cover for a vinyl, a poster, or just an art print to hang in your wall, feel free to contact me and ask for a quote. Of course, I’m also open for commissioned projects involving 3D art and graphics, as well as 3D animations, music videos, etc.

As an artist, I find quite important to keep my mind busy, but specially excited about new ideas. My creativity nourish from that excitement, so that’s why I need to keep myself constantly learning new tools and skills. I have been always interested in 3D but these last years and having more time to focus in studio work has allowed me to create more 3D artworks, going deeper into learning how to illuminate, texture and create atmospheres in order to generate a new stream of work.

Here some examples of commercial projects where I have the opportunity to implement what I learn with these 3D artworks:
Null Hypothesis music video
Miguel Gil Tertre’s new album cover artwork
Licensed artwork for the cover of Vexillary’s debut album

Date:  31 December, 2021
Skills:  3D, Art
3D Art Experiments 2021 by Geso | 3D Artworks & Graphics