L.E.V. Festival 2022

I was invited by L.E.V. Festival to create all the video communication for their 2022 edition, including the video trailer and all the video teasers that they release with each announcement.

Based on the graphic direction and the color set defined by the festival for this edition, I developed a series of animated 3D sculptures that represent in an abstract form the creativity that events like L.E.V. Festival agglutinates and also transfers to their audience. The artwork of the video trailer was also used without the titles as interlude between different acts.

The last two slides of the project present un-published artworks that were created in the process but never officially used.

Date:  28 April, 2022
Skills:  3D, Commercial, Graphic Design
L.E.V. Festival 2022 | Video Trailer + Teasers by Geso