L.E.V. Matadero Festival

Live performance by Kamikaze Space Programme + Geso at L.E.V. Matadero Festival, October 18, 2019. Madrid – Spain.

Besides the music video “Sparks”, I worked along KSP to develop a whole live visual concept to present his debut album Dead Skin Cells”. For that I created a bunch of basic animation in 3D with plain colors, textures but illuminated in RGB colors. Footage that later on I used live through VDMX, applying different effects to each color channel + old school video glitches. During the live performance the video feed is sent to a CRT monitor, then re-scanned through an HD camera and sent to the projector. The purpose of this technique was to add an old-school video aesthetic to a 3D / digital content, so I could use full digital effects and still get a physical and organic touch.


About L.E.V. Festival:

L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) is a platform of production, promotion and experimentation related to electronic sound creations, audiovisual creations and digital art. An open area of research which uses the latest technological tools to explore contemporary creation with national and international avant-garde artists and new and trailblazing creators, performing several activities and shows in public spaces.

The platform’s two big annual events are LEV FESTIVAL, in Gijón, and LEV MATADERO, in Madrid. Two largely attended festivals which serve as a meeting point to provide an all-round, eclectic view of the current state of sound, audiovisual and digital creations, and its constant evolution and connections with different disciplines, through live shows and audiovisual performances, concerts, immersive events of virtual and augmented reality, digital explorations, installations and exhibitions, among other activities.

L.E.V. Matadero Festival | Live Performance by KSP + Geso