3D Artworks MMXXII

Last year personal exploration of 3D art. Dig into my experiments and learning tools and tricks of 3D, an step by step progress. Year 2022 has meant my step into Octane render engine, which added a more realistic touch in textures and lightning, but specially helped in speeding up my working process.

Among the following 3D art pieces, you can find a lot of abstract modelling, some works of composite, mixing photography with CGI and studies of different light set ups. But specially with the newest ones I’m seeking to find my own voice and style in 3D art. Most of this pieces haven’t been used yet commercially, so they are available as artworks for all kinds of purposes, from album artworks to poster for an event. Feel free to contact me if interested in licensing any of this or even request a remix or new outlook for one this pieces.

Part of these artworks have been created as contribution for the artist collective 1-1PR.f2R.SM [Hyperfuturism], a global collective of elite digital artists, united in pursuing new frontiers in creative consciousness. You can follow the different artists and outcomes from this collective through their Instagram account @1_1pr_f2r_sm_.

In case you are interested in seeing my previous collections of 3D art pieces, here you can check MMXXI and MMXX. Or you can follow me on Instagram @geso_rgrrrb for checking out my newest works.

Date:  31 December, 2022
Skills:  3D, Art
3D Art Experiments 2022 by Geso | 3D Artworks & Graphics