Devenir Mecánico

Devenir Mecánico is site specific audiovisual installation commissioned by Haubentaucher for the Berlin Art Week 2016. The work is a play between human and mechanical factors and actions, a visual collage that reflects on the bipolar concept of (im)perfection.

The installation combines different layers, like a blast over of various medias and processes: A half restored wall as background, where you can still appreciate the old tags in part of it, then two projection systems overlaying each other, on one side a slide projector trying to automatically focus a bended image, and on the other side a video feedback produced by a simple mechanical construction and an endoscopic camera attached to it. The audio and video generated by this machine affects at the same time the projection, creating different abstract patterns.

A mechanical action could be an incarnation of perfection, repeating the same exact action over and over. But the effect of time and different human factors make almost impossible that infinite and perfect cycle. A machine tends to fail at some point, being then a portrait of the human imperfection. This installation reflects on this paradox by combining random factors, human and mechanical / digital. The beauty lays on the evolving process, the never still present moment.

Date:  17 September, 2016
Skills:  Art, Art Installations
Client:  Haubentaucher / Berlin Art Week
Devenir Mecánico by Geso | Audiovisual Installation / Video Art / Art Installation