Light Disruption

Originally conceived as an art installation and later on developed as a Live AV performance. This audio-reactive composition was first conceived in 2020, right before the pandemic years started. It was an original concept developed by Geso for Dot Product that due the circumstances and several festival cancellations, was never presented.

Year 2022 brought the opportunity to present it for the first time at Automaton, The Lab 2, updated and re-designed as a Live AV for a vertical screen and adapted to the sound spectrum from Anton Filatov’s multi-channeled saxophone. The event took place on June 25th, at the stunning Wasserspeicher in Berlin.

Light Disruption plays around a new conception of light diffraction where sound becomes the “cause” and the visuals are a representation of “effect”. Through using generative and audio-reactive tools, this new shape of light brakes out of a beam of light. The artificiality of its new nature suggest a sort of afterlife for the disrupted light, reminding the law of conservation of energy: it can neither be created nor destroyed…

Light Disruption | Live AV by Geso