Lunchmeat Festival

Live AV along Exhausted Modern for Lunchmeat Festival 2020.

In this occasion I was commissioned by Lunchmeat Studio to think out of the box and present a new visual show in collaboration with the tech team. So I had the chance to make a stage design for this live AV performance. Taking in consideration the venue and the resources available I decided to use a double screen, the main one as background to be combined with a small LED one on the front that I could use not only to present visuals but also as illumination in combination with other lights and smoke.

Without any doubt this live AV has been one of the most satisfying experiences, not only for the creative freedom, but also for the big support from Lunchmeat Studio. The last minute change and collaboration with Czech music genius Exhausted Modern was pure magic, a perfect match for the visuals I prepared. And the light performance provided by Lukáš Dřevjaný added at all time the right atmosphere. This was a unique performance, premiered at Prague’s National Gallery.

The concert was covered by Fact Magazine, who published the video here included.

Photos by Filip Kustka, ELI_Eliasek and Jakub Doležal [thanks!].

Date:  3 October, 2020
Skills:  3D, Live Performance
Client:  Lunchmeat Festival
Lunchmeat Festival | Live AV by Exhausted Modern + Geso