Visual music improvisation trio formed by Marie Takahashi (viola – Japan), Kamil Korolczuk (live electronics – Poland) and Pablo Iglesias a.k.a. Geso (live visuals – Spain) based in Berlin. Each of them has been experimenting with different techniques combining organic and digital elements, and the overlap of their works has the purpose of finding the perfect synch between audio and visual language, digital and organic at the same time. An audiovisual trip where hearing is seeing and vice versa. The trio uses improvisation as a playground where the music is not written on paper, but created in real time by the interaction and feedback of all the parts in play.

Morpheme is an audio-visual live performance within the following concepts: visual music, improvisation, free jazz, experimental music, synesthesia. The show last between 30 and 50 min. and it’s all generated pure live, music and visuals, meaning: The images are generated and animated by analyzing the sound signals from the musicians, each of them generates a different sound and a correspondent visual representation. The result is a visual journey that goes beyond the eye balls…

Marie Takahashi, modern and baroque violist, improviser was born in Sapporo, Japan, in 1985. Marie has studied in Japan, France, and Germany. She was a member of orchestras in Japan, France and Hungary(festival) but her curiosity and passion for small ensembles led her to become a chamber musician.

Kamil Korolczuk Improviser. Specialist in sliding between systems and borders. Soundmaker using tape, modular synths, field recordings, plunderphonics and feedbacks. Co-founder of a discontinued DIY label OSORecords. Member of Krakow Improvisers Orchestra and various music projects ranging from free improv, through noise to sound collage.

Pablo Iglesias also known as Geso is an active creative mind involved in different art and design fields. Geso is the moniker he uses for his most personal and actual work, specially focused in visual art, visual music and art direction for music projects. He also works as designer and art director for GeeOhDee studio and was publisher and curator of Belio (1999 – 2017).

Date:  6 October, 2017
Skills:  Live Performance, Visual Music
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Morpheme – Visual music improvisation | Visual Music / Live Visuals