Vexillary II

After our first collaboration for the album cover of Vexillary’s first LP, I was approached by Reza Seirafi again for his second album, he had crystal clear in mind that he wanted to illustrate the album cover with an artwork I had published last year, Car Extinction. So I revisited this artwork and made a new render, this time with Octane. Apart I created two clips for the promotion by using previously unseen footage, alternative renders that I never shared before.
The new album from Vexillary, ‘Crash & Yearn’, has been published by Con.trace. The metal logo in the artwork has been created by Casketnap.
Date:  31 October, 2022
Skills:  3D, Commercial, Graphic Design
Vexillary - Carsh and Yearn | Album Cover by Geso