Creative Cloud Mosaic

Adobe selected one of my works to be cover of  AfterEffects Creative Cloud. This version of CC was presented in June 2014, and as part of its presentation Adobe commisioned a new piece of digital art for The Creative Cloud Collaborative Mosaic. Here you can see what I did for this great project.
The final work is an image of 7500 x 7500 pixels created on purpose for this mosaic. The image is based on recent visual experiments, going further into the exploration of light-color spectrum and its alteration through different surfaces, in this case using liquid-like effects. I used VDMX to generate audioreactive visuals, and from there I captured and edited in Photoshop.
Date:  20 June, 2014
Skills:  Art, Commercial, Graphic Design
Client:  Adobe
Creative Cloud Mosaic by Geso | Digital Art / Graphic Art / Live Visuals