LAB001: Datafive

Art direction, cover artwork, layout, video teaser, icon and logo design for LAB Music and its first release ‘The Journey’ EP by Datafive. Released on November 25th, 2019.

The Italian producer’s debut output delivers a post-genre ep, ranging from introspective mid-tempo landscapes to epic dub-tech drum’n’reese and post dubstep club oriented hypnotic grooves. He’s combining dubby digital synths and accurate sound design with solid uk scenario beats, time-stretched whatever, wobbling squelchy bass and much much more, all wrapped in an absolutely mind-blowing sleeve design from Geso.

The cover artwork has been made using 3D elements arranged and animated in C4D + some graphics added in Photoshop. The purpose was to create an abstract image that would evoke an updated revision of computer 3D graphics from the early 90’s, with an sci-fi aesthetic touch.

LAB Music is a new independent label focused on electronic music. Founded in Berlin 2019 by Datafive & Slak.

Date:  25 November, 2019
Skills:  3D, Commercial, Graphic Design
Client:  LAB Music
LAB001: Datafive "The Journey" by Geso | Art Direction / Cover Artwork