Miguel Gil Tertre

3D artwork, video teasers, graphic design and layout for Miguel Gil Tertre‘s new LP “Fuego Futuro”, to be released on Fuego en Casa music label on March 2022.

Taking as origin generative audiovisual experiments created by Miguel Gil Tertre, I developed different environments as a 3D artwork where to insert the original graphics and at the same time develop a visual concept to represent the different outcomes possibles for a future. A visual paradox between full potential, creativity, ideas sparking and its correspondent counter side represented by negative outcomes, deception and wasted opportunities. I also created another 3D artwork that served as cover for the single ‘Plantas Virtuales’, as well as two video teasers where these 3D scenes are explored.

About the album:

Fuego Futuro. Mastered by Black Knoll Studio and with artwork by Geso – after the singles, “Camino” and “Plantas Virtuales”, this collection of 11 songs, carefully sound designed aims at being a soundtrack about our possible futures. From ambient, to techno, from analogue synth soundscapes to generative music, from hip hop to piano pieces.

Date:  1 June, 2021
Skills:  3D, Commercial, Graphic Design
Client:  Miguel Gil Tertre / Fuego en Casa
Miguel Gil Tertre – Fuego Futuro | 3D Artwork, graphic design by Geso