Paradigm Collective

Flyer design for Paradigm Collective‘s event “Redemptive Aktion” at Zodiak (Brussels), a night celebrating the promising album of Phase Fatale on Hospital productions called ‘Redeemer‘. To make this evening a real audio visual experience, the artist Geso joined us with two masters in the Techno, ebm, electro scene from Berlin : Unhuman & Dj Nephil.

Paradigm new collective based in Brussels focused on dark, mental, powerful electronic music and all things related to visuals to form a new Paradigm in the City. They have been organizing different type of events since July 2016.


Date:  6 October, 2017
Skills:  Commercial, Graphic Design
Client:  Paradigm Collective
Paradigm Collective – Flyer design | Art Direction / Graphic Design / Glitch