Sonic Bat

A series of 3D artworks for the sound libraries released by Sonic Bat. Sci-Fi Interface is the first one of a series of sound design bundles to be released in the up-coming months. As a series I approach this project with the idea of continuity, by designing a collection of imaginary sound devices that might produce / reproduce the sounds contained. I wanted to give it a start with at least three of these devices, and in the near future, if the collection needs to be extended, it would be easy to create new objects / 3D artworks.

Sonic Bat is a sound design studio created in late 2014 by Francisco Godinho, also known by his alias XZICD which whom I collaborated in several projects, from AV performances to video art installations and music visualizers.

Date:  20 December, 2022
Skills:  3D, Commercial, Graphic Design
Sonic Bat | 3D Artworks by Geso